1. Can I change my wireless number?
CLEAR TALK customers can change their wireless number at any time by visiting a retail location or dialing *611 from their CLEAR TALK handset. Please note that charges may apply to number change requests.
2. Can I transfer my contacts (phone book) from my old phone to my new one?
Yes. CLEAR TALK charges $10 for transferring contacts from one phone to another. Please note that phone book transfers are not 100% guaranteed to work or transfer all contacts from the old phone to the new one.
1. How can I pay my Bill?
You monthly service renewal can be paid by several convenient methods. Credit card payments can be made through our automated system by dialing *Pay (*729) on your CLEAR TALK handset. Customer Service can be reached at 803.363.7723, or by dialing *611 from your CLEAR TALK handset, and can accept both credit card and check payments over the phone. Retail locations can accept cash, credit card and check payments in person. When making payments by speaking to a live customer service representative or in person at a retail location, there is an additional $2.50 payment fee. Stay tuned as more convenient payment options will be added in the future.
2. Can I pay for more than one month at a time?
Yes. You may pay in advance for as many months as you wish. Your account balance will reflect a credit until it is time to make another payment.
3. How will I know when my monthly payment renewal is due?
When making a monthly payment, your service will be renewed for 30 days from the date you made the payment. Your next month’s service renewal will be clearly indicated on your payment receipt. As part of our commitment, Wireless Made Simple, Clear Talk will send a text message to the account owner’s line 5 days, 3 days and 1 day before the due date as a simple payment reminder. If the payment has already been made, the text message will not be received. Customers may also dial *BAL (*225) from their CLEAR TALK handset to obtain the due date and for convenient payment options.
4. How long do I have after it's due to make a payment?
In order to ensure the continued use of your CLEAR TALK service, payment must be received on or before your monthly due date. If your payment is not received by the due date, services will be suspended until the payment is received. Please see terms and conditions for charges relating to reactivation of services.
5. What happens if my service is interrupted due to non-payment? Will I loose my number?
CLEAR TALK accounts interrupted for non-payment may be subject to a one-time reactivation fee depending upon the length of time the service has been interrupted. After 45 days of interruption the account will be terminated and there is no guarantee the same number can be assigned to your account. CLEAR TALK offers many convenient payment options that will ensure your services are never interrupted
6. Why don't I receive a monthly statement?
In order to provide you with South Carolina’s best pricing on wireless service, Clear Talk does not send out a monthly statement. Unlimited means that we are not counting your minutes of use. Neither should you! If you have questions concerning your monthly statement or calling details, please contact Customer Service by dialing *611 from your Clear Talk handset or by dialing 803.363.2273.
1. What is ClearBank?
Each customer receives a ClearBank account upon activation of service. This is a special feature that allows CLEAR TALK customers to access features that are not included in their monthly rate plan on a pay per use basis. Use your ClearBank account for directory assistance, customized downloads, additional data services, or even roaming minutes. You can add money to your ClearBank account at any time, as long as your service is active. Visit a Clear Talk retail location or simply dial *PAY from your CLEAR TALK handset to add money to your ClearBank account. Money placed in the ClearBank account does not expire as long as services are active.
2. How will I know how much is in my ClearBank account?
You can check your ClearBank account balance, as well as your monthly service balance, by dialing *BAL on your CLEAR TALK handset.
3. Can I use funds from my ClearBank account to pay my monthly service renewal?
No. ClearBank funds are non-refundable and non-transferable.
1. What is the "Local Calling Area"?
Please see Plans > Coverage for more information pertaining to local calling areas.
2. I already have a wireless handset. Can I activate it with CLEAR TALK service?
The handsets available with CLEAR TALK service are specifically chosen because of their optimal performance on the CLEAR TALK network. At this time, Clear Talk does not allow non-Clear Talk handsets to be activated with CLEAR TALK service.
1. Does unlimited really mean I can talk for as long as I want without worry of huge overage charges?
Absolutely! If your plan includes unlimited talk, then talk all you want. With CLEAR TALK, you pay for service before you use it so there is no need to count minutes or fear enormous overage bills. It’s Wireless Made Simple.
1. Can I call or text message family and friends on other wireless carriers?
Absolutely! CLEAR TALK allows you to connect with friends and family on most U.S. mobile carriers.
1. Can I call or text message family and friends outside of the U.S.?
Yes. CLEAR TALK offers great rates for staying in touch with family and friends outside of the U.S. Check ILD for a list of countries to which CLEAR TALK supports text messaging.
Please see Coverage for information pertaining to local calling areas.
1. Will I be able to speak to a live agent when I call customer service?
Yes. CLEAR TALK Customer Service Representatives live and work in the same communities you do. If you are calling from South Carolina, you will be connected to an agent from South Carolina who will be delighted to help you get the most from your CLEAR TALK service. Customer Service hours of operation are 8am-8pm Monday-Sunday. To speak to a friendly CLEAR TALK Customer Service Representative just dial *611 on your handset or 803.363.2273 from any phone.
2. What is your return policy?
At Clear Talk, we know that you will be happy with your service. Offering the latest handsets paired with the best monthly price in South Carolina is our commitment at Clear Talk. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, you may return your phone and receive a full refund. You must return your brand new phone within 14 days of the purchase date. The return must be accompanied by the original receipt, the original box, user manuals, charger and any included accessories. The phone must be in like-new condition and have less than 200 minutes of talk time. If you do not meet the requirements of this policy, we will not be able to give a full refund. *Certain restriction will apply to handsets other than brand new. Please call Customer Service for additional details.
3. What is Unlimited Directory Assistance?
The unlimited directory assistance product will provide telephone listings for Clear Talk customers that dial 411. In addition to hearing the phone number requested, an SMS text message will also be sent to your Clear Talk handset. The price for the service is $5 monthly and may be purchased as an unlimited feature on select rate plans that do not offer Unlimited DA as a basic service. Directory Assistance can also be used as a pay-per-use feature by adding money to your ClearBank account. The pay-per-use rate for Directory Assistance is $1 per call.
1. Does CLEAR TALK offer smartphones?
Yes. CLEAR TALK offers smartphones powered by the Android operating system. With access to over 200,000 applications and advanced data services on a blazing fast 3G network, Clear Talk has the advanced wireless user covered also. Stop by a CLEAR TALK retail location to check out how we can help you make the most of your wireless experience.